Even as supporters dub the Koppal by-polls results as his personal victory, former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa is counting on today's court order to stage a come back.

Today, the High Court is expected to pass order on Yeddyurappa's petition seeking stay on summons issued by the Lokayukta court in one of the cases relating to land scam, in which the tainted former CM is main accused.

The court is expected to pass order on the plea to stay the summons
regarding PCR- 3. today; if granted, Yeddyurappa will not have to
serve time in jail

The Lokayukta court is expected to pass the orders on his bail petition on October 3, and if the HC grants the stay, the order pending in the Lokayukta court will become redundant and there will be no question of Yeddyurappa facing a jail term.

"Koppal victory is Yeddyurappa's personal victory and with this positive development, his bad time is ending. I hope the case will be decided in his favour and he will come back to the helm," said Excise Minister and Yeddyurappa loyalist M P Renukacharya.

HC judge Justice B S Patil heard a petition filed by Yeddyurappa seeking to quash the proceedings against him in the Lokayukta court and staying summons issued against him regarding the cases PCR-3 (PCR stands for Private Complaint Registry) and PCR- 4 yesterday.

While senior counsel Asmath Pasha, who appeared for complainants Sirajin Basha and K N Balaraj against Yeddyurappa is yet to finish his argument, the court is expected to pass order on the plea to stay the summons regarding PCR- 3, today.

If he gets the stay in PCR-3, it will have its bearing on the other cases, and Yeddyurappa will finally be able to heave a sigh of relief.

The Lokayukta police are probing issues mentioned in the PCR-2 as per the Lokayukta court's order, and PCR-5 and PCR-6 are at a stage where the statements of the accused are being recorded.

In another case filed by JD(S) leader YSV Datta, Yeddyurappa made his statement before the Lokayukta police on Wednesday.

"Friday's court order is very significant considering the prevailing political situation in the state. If Yeddyurappa gets stay, another chapter of political upheaval begins," said a senior BJP leader.

Koppal's  victory
Meanwhile, spirits were lifted in the party when the BJP was victorious in the Koppal by-polls held on September 26.

The results were announced on Friday and Yeddyurappa's loyalist Karadi Sanganna won against Congress candidate Basavaraj Itnal, while the JD(S) was relegated to third place.

At the Yeddyurappa camp, opponents declined to give him credit.

"The victory cannot be attributed simply to one individual. We won thanks to collective leadership," said K S Eswarappa, BJP state president and Yeddyurappa's main detractor.