Wimbledon: Aussie MP predicted Djoko woes

Jul 04, 2016, 08:14 IST | Agencies

Nobody thought Novak Djokovic would have any trouble in his quest for a calendar slam. Nobody except former Australian star and now MP, John Alexander, that is.

John Alexander
John Alexander

In an interview to Daily Telegraph on June 24, days before Wimbledon started, Alexander had labeled Djokovic a "prime candidate for breaking down with the yips" at the Championships, adding that the weakness was with the World No 1's serve, which if exploited, could unravel his game.

"He won't collapse, he's too good a player, but I think there will appear some cracks in his game," the Telegraph had quoted the Liberal MP as saying. "At the Australian Open there was a little bit of a hint of what's going on in his mind because he'd slowed his first serve down to about 185kmh.

"He was getting a very high percentage of first serves in, but at one point he served two double faults in a row.

"I got the feeling that he's lost confidence in his second serve and that's why he's slowing his first serve down. Whether he's lost confidence … or he has a little bit of the yips I don't know – but it looked edgy.

The best endure this
"It's happened to other great players, they get the yips in their second serve and it's the beginning of the end. Under pressure over five sets on a surface where serving is very important, maybe that will surface?"

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