Wishing & hoping in 2014

Wellness: Hema Thakur

Mumbai needs to be conscious of eating right and living right to avoid lifestyle diseases

Books: Bidisha Basu

We need to look in the right places to rediscover the diversity that once existed in Indian comics

Nightlife: Bay City Lights

For our city to be nightlife friendly, the police’s mindset must change towards the partygoers

Style: Tanvi Ghavri

We need more designers to deliver on quality, based on what they charge

Technology: Hilmi Quraishi

Devices like Android TV need to be put to good use for community learning to provide quality education in rural areas

Travel: Abhinav Goel

We are hoping that more round-the-year travel is encouraged all across the country

Food: Viraf Patel

I wish for Mumbai to have more restaurants, which focus on specific cuisines — bringing variety to the table

Lifestyle: Raghavendra Rathore

To cater to closet consumers, we should remember that just great brand legacies and marketing activities will not suffice

City: Milind Deora

The youth should be educated and informed as to how they can participate in the election process, so that they ultimately elect the right people to do the job.

Art and culture: Parmesh Shahani
One has to re-imagine office spaces, parking lots, and factories in creative ways and re-imagine the city as a creative and inclusive space for cultural eventsĀ 

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