What preoccupies women the most when it comes to appearance is the state of their midriff, a new study has found.
According to a survey of 2011 women by market research organisation Mintel, has shown that women are not as concerned about their derriere as they are about their bellies.

Out of all the women surveyed, a total of 69 percent were concerned about having or developing a "muffin top" waistline, with thighs named by 48 percent of women, bottom by 36 percent, hips by 32 percent and arms by 28 per cent, making up the rest of the top five worry zones.
The women, aged over 16 and surveyed online, were asked to choose from a selection of body parts those that they felt insecure about, and could choose as many as they liked.
Other areas those surveyed admitted worrying about included the breasts or chest and bikini line (both 26 per cent), and the neck or decolletage (18 per cent).
The report found that women worried about their abdomens across the age groups, with 69 percent of 16-44-year-olds and 72 percent of 45-64-year-olds naming it as the area of their body they felt most insecure about.
"Not all women have washboard abs a la Shakira. Concerns with the midriff are likely linked to weight and muscle definition. Sculpting the area may prove tricky and involve strenuous workouts and strict diets," the Daily Mail quoted the report as saying.