Woman arrested for racist rant in public

Nov 30, 2011, 12:14 IST | ANI

A South London- based woman has been arrested for a racist rant on a tram that was caught on camera

"A 34-year-old woman from New Addington was arrested on Monday, 28 November on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. This relates to a video which appeared on YouTube and was brought to police attention earlier today," The Telegraph quoted a British Transport Police (BTP) spokesperson, as saying.

The two-minute clip titled "My Tram Experience", which appeared on Youtube, showed the woman demanding that foreign workers "go back to their own country", while holding her baby on her lap in a tram carriage on the Croydon to Wimbledon service.

"What has this country come to ... with loads of black people and a load of f------ Polish.
Sort out your own countries, don''t come and do mine, Britain is nothing now, Britain is f--- all, my Britain is f--- all now," the woman says in the video.

A passenger counters her remarks saying: "If we didn''t come here you guys wouldn''t have people to work. We have to come here and do the work for you."

The video ends when a passenger reminds the woman that she is waking up her baby.

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