Kurla resident Sangita Gupta was shocked over the weekend when her debit card was declined; bank records reveal she made three transfers, worth Rs 54,000, from her account to e-commerce sites

Diwali is upon us and the festivities have begun. But for one Human Resources manager, this festive season only brings tears as her savings account with HDFC Bank was wiped clean of all its contents apart from a paltry Rs 600, allegedly by an online transaction.

Not a very happy Diwali: Sangita Gupta's salary account was cleared
off all its money except for a meagre R600

Sangita Gupta, an HR manager with a leading telecom company, was in for a rude shock over the weekend when she realised that her savings of Rs 54,000 was gone. The crime came to light over the weekend when Gupta tried to withdraw some money from an ATM but to her surprise, her card was declined.

Gupta, a Kurla resident said, "At first I thought that the ATM was malfunctioning but when my card was declined again, this time, at a departmental store I panicked. The initial embarrassment turned to fear and stress and when I called up the bank, it was revealed that over Rs 50,000 had been transferred from my bank account, without my knowledge or permission."

Gupta added that worried of the crime, she rushed to Kurla police station and lodged a complaint. Initial inquiries revealed that the money from Gupta's account (papers available with MiD DAY) was transferred via three accounts into the company accounts of three international e-commerce sites for software publishers and online retailers. Additionally, it was also discovered that there were several complaints filed against the websites for illegal transfers in the past. 

Gupta further added that she, like the many complainants, had never heard of these companies before the incident and was surprised how they could access her account. "I am cautious enough to never disclose my security details and bank details to anyone in person or over the phone," said Gupta.

Rajesh Bhojwani, Branch Manager, HDFC Bank (Malad, Link Road), confirmed that the bank had received a formal complaint. "It is apparent that Gupta's security details pertaining to her account were compromised. Our concerned departments are investigating the case and we shall be reverting to the aggrieved party soon in writing" he said.