A woman in England blew up a factory where her father died in an accident 17 years ago, but she will not be charged of felony as she had won the right to blast it.
Sarah Griffiths, who lost her father Mick Locke in 1995, pushed the button, which triggered a series of explosions to demolish the Campbell's Soup Tower in King's Lynn, Norfolk.
Locke died from severe scalding from a blast of steam while working in the former Campbell's factory.
"The tower is a constant reminder that I have been robbed of my dad. I'm a bit choked up about it because it's a big thing for me to do and I feel very pleased to be given the chance of closure," Sky News quoted Griffiths as saying.
The mother-of-two, from nearby Clenchwarton, won the right to push the button in a competition in a local newspaper.
"I feel honoured that I have been chosen against so many other people - I hope they understand my need to do this," she added.
The tower had been a familiar landmark at the town for 52 years, but the series of controlled explosions brought it to the ground in a matter of seconds.
Hundreds of people lined roads around the site to watch its demolition.
It will be replace by a new 40m pounds complex - dubbed Campbell's Meadow - which will include a hotel, leisure facilities, restaurants, a car showroom and a new Tesco Extra supermarket.
The development will also include industrial and office space and is expected to create about 1,000 jobs