Woman forces daughter to pose nude for a stranger online

Nov 15, 2011, 14:43 IST | ANI

A woman in US has been charged with child endangerment after allegedly forcing her own daughter to strip and pose nude on Skype

Ann Lussier from Attleboro, Massachusetts is accused of making her child strip in the hope of winning a 20,000 dollars mother-daughter bikini photo shoot.

According to authorities, the 41-year-old mother first made the girl pose in her underwear before telling her to completely disrobe while a man who claimed to be a Florida-based photographer watched via Skype.

"The parent had to show the man what both she and the victim looked like with no clothes on, reportedly so he could see the shape of their bodies," Court documents obtained by Radar Online stated.

Lussier later told her twin sister about the Skype encounter to complain how 'uncooperative' her daughter had been.

The aunt heard her niece crying in the background, and subsequently called the cops.

Both Lussier and the man at the other end of the camera, Joshua Dunfee of Oxford Junction, Iowa, were arrested after a month-long investigation.

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