Woman gets 27 stitches after part of ceiling at Andheri station falls on her head

Nov 13, 2017, 17:50 IST | A Correspondent

A 56-year-old woman sustained head injuries that required 27 stitches after a portion of the ceiling at Andheri station's booking office collapsed on her last night. The woman, who was standing at the booking office in Andheri East as her son was buying a train ticket, fell unconscious and was rushed to Cooper Hospital. The railways have called it a minor injury and have given her Rs 500 as compensation.

The portion of the ceiling at Andheri station that collapsed on More

According to a close relative, who did not wish to be named, Asha More, from Baroda, was returning home with her son and nephew on Sunday night. Asha's son was buying a ticket, while she and her nephew were standing nearby. Suddenly, a part of the ceiling where she was standing fell on her head. The railway police, who saw it happen, took More to Cooper hospital in an ambulance available at the station. According to the relative, the doctor has asked More to get a CT scan done to rule out a fracture.

According to the relative, a commercial railway officer said she would get R500 compensation as it is a minor injury. He said if the injury is found to be major, which will be known only after the doctors' report arrives, she will be given Rs 5,000. The relative further said she had already spent Rs 1,200 on a CT scan and Rs 4,000 on medicines. The family has filed a complaint with the Andheri Police station.

Asha MoreAsha More

This is the second incident in two months after a Chembur-based housewife was similarly injured when tiles near the booking office at Elphinstone Road station fell on her head and she had to get stitches.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone X) Navinchandra Reddy said, "We have taken a complaint against the railway authority based on the woman's statement."

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