A woman from Michigan has been sentenced to more than seven years' imprisonment for having sex with a 15-year-old whom she met online

Angie Jenkins, who developed a sexual relationship with the teenager she met through an online game World of Warcraft, pleaded guilty in federal court in April to receiving child pornography.

The 35-year-old, who has received an 87-month prison term and was ordered to pay 4,480 dollars restitution to the victim, travelled to Buffalo in 2010 to have sex with him in a parked car.

The boy's parents alerted authorities after noticing numerous out-of-state calls on his cell phone and investigators later found graphic images they say he'd sent to Jenkins at her request.

"I have you who takes care of me and worries about me and I appreciate everything you do for me," the Daily Mail quoted a text message from Jenkins as saying.

According to investigators, the victim's parents blocked Jenkins' number from his phone, but when that didn't work they took the phone away, yet Jenkins found other ways of communicating and even bought the teen a new phone so they could continue their liaisons.

According to the courts, she then drove from Michigan to an Amherst department store parking lot where she had sex with the boy in the back of a car.