Lucknow: A young woman law student Monday lodged a police complaint saying she was beaten up and humiliated in public in Meerut Feb 3 after she refused to go in for surrogacy. Four people have been arrested in this connection, police said.

The woman told police she works at a guest house and her employer was pressurising her to give birth to his surrogate baby. When she refused, she was beaten up by the guest house owner, a nurse and the manager of a hospital and a compounder.

She told police the guest house owner had been sexually assaulting her for some time.

The senior superintendent of police in Meerut has asked an officer of the women's police station to investigate the matter.

Four people have been arrested in the case, a police official told IANS.

The woman said she lived in a rented accommodation in Shastrinagar and was working as a manager at the guest house while pursuing a law degree at a Meerut college.

District police chief Subhash Singh Baghel said the allegations were being probed and no one found guilty would be spared.