Washington: A woman in Texas has sparked outrage on social media after she turned to Facebook to ask her friends to shoot her pet dog, even offering to provide them with a gun.

The woman, who lives in Troup, asked her Facebook friends to shoot her 3-year-old Saint Bernard/bulldog mix named Cinnamon.

"I need someone to come shoot my dog. No one here has the heart to do it. We will provide the gun," the woman wrote on her Facebook post last week.

The post sparked outrage on social media and the woman surrendered the dog to animal control officers.

The woman told them she wanted the dog killed because she could no longer care for it and because the dog kept getting in the garbage, 'CBS 19' reported.

Authorities said the woman will not face charges since she surrendered the dog.

The dog was picked up by Nichols Pet Haven, an animal shelter, and given to a foster family who will take care of
Cinnamon until she is adopted.

A veterinarian has given Cinnamon "a clean bill of health" after examining her for heartworms, and bringing her
shots up to date.

Nichols Pet Haven expects multiple adoption applications for Cinnamon.