Woman jumps off truck with daughter while resisting sexual assault; both die

A mother and her three-year-old daughter were killed in Uttar Pradesh late Friday after they jumped off a speeding truck while resisting a sexual assault by the driver, police said today.

Woman jumps off moving truck with daughter while resisting sexual assault; both die
An anti-rape protest

The incident took place near the Chitaura toll plaza in Fatehpur after Raj Kumari (30) along with son Deepak, daughter Meena and husband Rakesh hitched a ride in a truck.

After travelling for some distance, the driver stopped the truck and asked Rakesh to get some food from a road-side eatery. As the unsuspecting husband went out, the driver sped off and tried to sexually assault the woman.

While trying to resist the driver, the woman leapt out along with her daughter after throwing her son off the moving truck.

While the woman died on the spot, the daughter died at a medical facility. Her minor son, who has been seriously injured, narrated the incident to police. Locals tried to chase the truck but it sped away.

"We are trying to establish the identity of the truck driver with the help of CCTV camera footage at the toll plaza," a police official said. 

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