Woman kicked out of US bank for wearing hijab

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A Muslim-American woman was allegedly kicked out of a bank in the US for 'wearing a hijab', with staff threatening to call the police if she didn't "remove her hood".

Jamela Mohamed had gone into a branch of Sound Credit Union in Washington state on Friday to make a car payment. An American and a member of the credit union, she recorded part of the incident on her mobile phone, claiming it shows blatant "discrimination".

She said she had been wearing a sweater and had the hood up because it was a Friday, which is when Muslims offer weekly prayers in the afternoon.

While she was waiting, Jamela says she took some video of the sign and of two male customers wearing baseball caps because they were being helped without any issues.

"Why am I witnessing a man being serviced with a hat on and I'm being told to take off my hood?" she asked.

Jamela took a cellphone video showing the branch supervisor counting to three and then saying she was going to call 911.

Jamela was left in tears after being allegedly kicked out of the bank. "I feel so embarrassed right now," she said.

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