Woman killed by toxic fumes at McDonald's

One woman died and nine others were rushed to hospital after breathing in toxic fumes at a McDonald's restaurant.

Police believe cleaning chemicals in the bathroom of the Pooler, Georgia, fast food restaurant may have been to blame for the scare.

Anne Felton (80), of Ponte Vedra, Florida, and another woman customer were found unconscious in the toilet and other people in the restaurant were struggling to breath.

Three fire fighters were among those needing hospital treatment after the incident yesterday. Five customers and one employee also fell sick.

Fire Chief Wade Simmons said there was a strong smell in the bathroom but the exact source had not yet been identified.

"There are a lot of theories, but there was nothing we could see, and we were unable to find the cause," he added.

"Possibly during the autopsy there will be for sure answers, but as of now, there is no definitive answer."

When the initial call was made, there was no indication that there were toxic fumes. The firefighters were sent for basic medical help and responded wearing their regular uniforms.

"I think it went really well. We don't like the fact they were hurt, but it started as a standard medical call not knowing what exactly was going on," said Chief Simmons.

"They did an excellent job, they got victims immediately out, continued until additional help arrived."

The autopsy was being carried out yesterday on Felton, who was having a McDonald's meal with her husband at the time of the tragedy.

McDonald's issued a statement saying the restaurant reopened after authorities deemed it safe and wishing a speedy recovery for all involved.

The company is carrying out its own investigation and did not immediately have a comment following Felton's death.

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