Woman lost on island drank own urine, sucked green ants to survive

A woman, who became lost on a remote island off Australia's northern coast, has revealed that she had to drink her own urine and suck the moisture from green ants to survive

Lynne Woodcock, 48, spent a horror 24 hours disoriented and severely dehydrated on Endyalgout Island, 200km north-east of Darwin, Northern Territory News reported.

During her ordeal she slept buried under leaves because of mosquitoes, and hugged the trunks of mangroves, which secreted salty water and cooled her burning body.

Woodcock was the chef on a fishing safari when she decided to go for a short walk, taking just 600ml of water with her.

She passed out while taking photographs of paperbark trees and woke up with the midday sun beating down on her. Feeling "dazed and woozy," she wandered for about five hours before making camp.

"By then I had finished my water and knew I was in serious trouble," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"I maintained the fire all night and started consuming my own urine. I also started eating green ant bums for protein and to try to get a bit of moisture.

"I called 'help' continuously. By now I was eating whole green ants because in the dark it was too difficult to determine one end from the other. Some of them I was a bit careless with and they bit the inside of my mouth and lips."

The next morning Woodcock could hear helicopters so she took off her fluorescent pink underwear and put them on her backpack in the hope the pilots would see her.

Just after midday a helicopter came into view, which fortunately saw her and went down to rescue her.

Woodcock was taken to the hospital in Darwin and given fluids through an intravenous drip.

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