Woman, paramour held for bid to kill husband

A woman and her paramour were arrested for an attempt to kill her husband in south Delhi, police said Wednesday

Mukhta Rai Bibi, 23, and her paramour Rajesh Kumar Gupta, 25 were arrested from Vasnat Kunj Tuesday for the Oct 9 murder bid, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Chhaya Sharma.

Gupta told police that he tried to kill Mukhta Rai Bibi's husband Rahim so that he could live with her.

Bibi brought Rahim to an isolated road in Vasant Kunj around 10.30 p.m. Oct 9, where Gupta slashed her husband's neck and fled. Rahim was later taken to a hospital.

Gupta and Bibi, both employed at a construction site, eloped six months ago. They were later traced by Rahim and Gupta was forced to leave her.

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