Woman raped inside moving car in Delhi

New Delhi: A 28-year-old married woman was raped by her friend in a moving car here, police Sunday said. A hunt has been launched to nab the accused.

The woman was found weeping sitting along the road near the Anand Vihar Bus Terminal in east Delhi Sunday evening, police said.

She was taken to a police station where she said that she was raped by her friend in a car, in front of his two friends. Police took her to the hospital where a medical examination confirmed rape.

The woman also told police that the three beat her up when she resisted.

Police said she had met her friend in the evening, and he allured her on the pretext of getting her a job in a factory.



  • Ravi Menon27-Jan-2014

    Does Mr.Shinde is having any action plan except constituting enquiry ?. What action is taken about the rape of Danish Women.? Is the police is required only for conducting enquiries or to prevent such incidents. It seem the central home ministry have no such concerns. Shame .

  • ferns 27-Jan-2014

    Does Mr.Shinde is having any action plan except constituting enquiry ?. What action is taken and were are his promises of getting Dawood Mr.Shinde neither u r not fit to be HM any more , you r only fit to give Balls talk to the Nation i think its enough of your Portfolio what you r handling , you have no respect for people nor for the country and what ever respect is there you gonna lose it so kindly Resign and save what ever respect , crediblity is left for the future good for nothing HOME MINISTER

  • Srishti27-Jan-2014

    Its a real shame to see when men give no respect to women,find them to be used and thrown stuff :(. and moreover when it goes to an international level ,we are loosing tourists and the respect for our country.

  • William Costa30-Jan-2014

    What we need in India is no bail for rapist either they are hanged or given life imprisonment so that others learn the lesson.

  • William Costa30-Jan-2014

    Asha Mirge, a member of the State Commission for Women says ,Girls should be very careful what they wear and at what time they move out in city. Their body language should not invite attention of the potential rapists lurking around the streets ...hahahaha it is easy for her to say this since she has passed the age of being raped....

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