Woman refused entry to men's only beer competition

Jan 13, 2012, 08:27 IST | ANI
An Australian woman is vexed after she was denied entry to a home brew competition because it is a men-only event. The home brewer, appropriately named Rachel Beer, tried entering her home brew called Beer's Beer in Lake Hayes A and P Show but was told by the chief steward she could enter but it would not be judged.
According to the Mountain Scene newspaper, the Queenstown woman said that there was therefore no point in entering the competition. "It'd be great if the rules could be changed to meet modern times," the Herald Sun quoted Beer as telling the publication.
However, she did not want to take the matter up with the Human Rights Commission. A commission representative said the competition did appear to be breaching the Human Rights Act but could not comment further without a complaint or further details.
Show president Mike Smith said that the blokes-only rule was not designed to ban females but rather to encourage men to enter events held in the main pavilion, which had been dominated by women in such events as baking and produce displays.
He said that, it was unfortunate but it was too late to change the rules to allow Beer to enter her brew. However, the show committee could look at changing the rules next year and perhaps have a mixed-sex category. "It would be nice if she would like to come forward with suggestions to make the show better and benefit more people," Smith added.

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