Woman scares off stalker by stripping in public!

Beijing: A woman being followed by a man on a motorbike in China found a unique way to get rid of her stalker by stripping off her clothes.

People who witnessed the incident were initially baffled by her motives but it did the trick, as the unwanted visitor was embarrassed away before the police turned up in Guangdong province. Wang Chen-Lai, an eyewitness, said, “The woman appeared to be agitated by a man following her on a motorbike.

There is a stage in a square where concerts and plays are held. She went on the stage and took off her clothes to lie down naked, and then the man left. It seems she tried to shock her pursuer into leaving her alone. She said ‘Is this what you wanted to see? Have a good look’. It certainly worked.”

When police arrived she calmed down and told them, “This is not a protest or an act of exhibitionism. A guy was following me around and I didn’t know what else to do. I thought if I could shock him he would back off. That is the only reason I did this.” A police spokesperson said, “Normally, an act of this kind would be punishable with a fine but in this case, as she got dressed when officers arrived, we took no further action.”

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