A woman in New Zealand is said to have shocked fellow drivers after she breastfed a baby while she was driving with three young children in the back seat

Now police are attempting to track down the unidentified woman, who was seen driving in a "highly dangerous" fashion in Kamo, near Whangarei, by another driver.

According to NewstalkZB, Sergeant John Fagan said that police received the car's registration number as a tip-off, with details also to be passed to the Child, Youth and Family Service.

Breastfeeding expert Dr Judith Galtry told the New Zealand Herald that the behaviour was "very strange".

"It's highly dangerous. I'm all for breastfeeding but not while driving a car," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Galtry as saying.

"If you've got a screaming baby, I can imagine the temptation, but I mean, really," she stated.