What would a woman do if a man groped her in a crowded Mumbai local? Generally, brush aside the harrowing experience and move on. Not 24-year-old Purva Bhogle.

Purva, who is one of the millions of single working women in Mumbai, was getting off at Dadar station on Friday when the alleged incident happened. But what sets her apart is the manner in which she dealt with it.

Instead of moving on and getting on with her day she jumped back onto the train and bashed the living daylights out of the alleged perpetrator.

Strangely, the man got unlikely support from a woman in the compartment who asked Purva to let the guy go.

Purva Bhogle
The image of Purva Bhogle's swollen hand posted on her Facebook page. 

When Purva tried to get him off at Matunga station, he held on to the pole in the compartment for dear life. She finally managed to get him off at Sion railway station and took him to the railway police station.

Once she reported the incident to the cops, they registered a non-cognisable case against him. Interestingly, the punishment for the alleged perpetrator took another unusual turn with the cops allowing her to beat him in front of them even after filing a case.

The girl took the opportunity to slap the man at will, and made him apologise for his action.

Being the age of social media activism, she then posted her experience on her Facebook page along with an image of her hand, which has swollen due to the thrashing inflicted on the man. The post has since gone viral with close to 3,000 people sharing it and congratulating her for her bravery.

Here’s the link to her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pubhogle/posts/10151728310584257