Woman, two friends arrested in Delhi for killing husband

New Delhi: A woman along with two friends has been arrested for allegedly murdering her husband and then dressing up the crime scene to make it seem that he died of electrocution, police said today.

Hunt is on for the fourth accused, the woman's "paramour" who allegedly scripted the murder. The accused woman, Santosh, was having an affair with Rajeev, a distant relative, and wanted to marry him. "So to fufill her wish, she conspired with Rajeev to eliminate her husband, Tejpal.

On Wednesday night, Amit and Ravi lured Tejpal to a nearby field for a liquor party. "After a few drinks, the duo strangled him to death. They then wrapped an electric wire around his neck to mislead the investigations," said a police official.

Amit and Ravi were arrested from their village in Sonipat after it was learnt that the victim was last seen with them. "They broke down during questioning and revealed the entire macabre plot," police said.

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