Women in India are treated like animals: Sania Mirza

Appointed UN's goodwill ambassador for South Asia, Mirza takes up the issue of gender inequality in India

New Delhi: India's tennis ace Sania Mirza spoke out liberally against gender discrimination in India on Tuesday after her appointment as United Nations women's goodwill ambassador for South Asia, joining the campaign to end violence against women and girls and also raise awareness on gender equality.

Sania Mirza during a promotional event in the city recently. Pic/Getty Images
Sania Mirza during a promotional event in the city recently. Pic/Getty Images 

Courting controversy
"I think a lot of controversies that I faced in my career were because I am woman. Had I been a man, I could have avoided some of the controversies," said Sania explaining the difficulties she faced during her career as a sportswoman.

"For more women to come into sports (in India), the culture needs to be changed. The government is getting involved and I guess that is going to change a lot of things.

Our current Sports Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal supports women's sports a lot and I have personally seen that," said the 28-year-old Hyderabadi. "I'm happy that the government is also opening up and speaking about gender inequality in our society. We need a cultural change and I hope the media takes responsibility too because they can and should make a difference," added Sania, who is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Plan of action
On her plan of action as the first South Asian woman goodwill ambassador in UN history, Sania said: "I hope one day everyone will say that we are equal and women are not treated as objects. I will try and do everything I can to bring about a change. Women's safety is something that has been going on.

The Nirbhaya (rape) case opened our eyes... a lot of people woke up to what's going on. Women face discrimination. They are treated like animals and it is not right. The thinking needs to be changed. Mentality needs to be changed. Men must understand that women also go out to do their work just as they do. But even women have to realise their own worth," said India's most successful female tennis player.

  • Indian27-Nov-2014

    Dear Sania,Go and see the state of women in ur beloved husbands country. Did u not find a single good man in India to marry from that god foresaken country? Fans dislike you. Shut up and stay where u are.@Puni - Sh has not given away indian citizenship. Shoib babu will like to come and live in our country and be a citizen. You know how poor they are.

  • Indian27-Nov-2014

    agree in villages but in Pakistan they are treated worse

  • puni27-Nov-2014

    you are a pakistani speak on how women are treated in pakistan, dont discuss other countries

  • abc27-Nov-2014

    @indianshe is indian thats why she is speaking about state of women in india. i think u have forgotten The Nirbhaya (rape) case the brutality which happnd in our beloved country india. being indian it wud b better if v think abt d improvement of india instead of thinking about how ppl are treated in oder countries. our priority should b india..and please stop comparing india pakistan atleast in this matter...aur han dusro par keechad uchhalne se khud par lage daag saf nahi hojate...

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