Women are sleepless due to financial worries

A new survey has revealed that 30 percent of women spend most of their time lying awake at night due to financial worries, while 35 percent of men are kept awake by "nothing".
The study looked at the habits of 1000 average wage-earning women and men in the U.S.
The second most common reason for women lying awake at night, at 18 percent, was put down to "to-do lists" and work stress.
The study showed, for the first time, that household chores remained mainly the responsibility of working women.
The new survey also revealed that women are more acutely affected by being disorganised than men.
"73 percent of women say they are frustrated by disorganization, compared to just 59 percent of men," the Daily Mail quoted as saying.
"When organized, 50 percent of women say they feel relaxed and 40 percent say they feel happy. That compares to 41 percent and 37 percent of men respectively," it added.

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