Women on top

According to Vaswani, “The manmade world in which we have lived till now (the patriarchal society) must give way to a new world order made by women. 

It is then that the masculine forces of aggression, violence, strife and intolerance will give way to a new age of peace, harmony and beauty, ushering in the new Satya Yuga for all humanity.”

Women: Where Would the World Be Without You?, JP Vaswani, Geeta Publishing House, Rs 195. Available at Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Camp.

Vaswani’s approach to the subject is systematic. He studies the role of women in all aspects — in society, history and as transmitters of culture. He also analyses women’s status in the family, her problems and achievements at work and within the marriage and the changing attitude to women in India.

The book concludes with a detailed account of what he regards as women’s unique qualities. Underlying the book is Vaswani’s belief that women are the true representatives of Shakti — the divine, cosmic feminine energy that must take over our civilisation to stop our world from crumbling and disintegrating into moral chaos. 

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