Worker lifts 230 kg with 'iron crotch'

An ailing Taiwanese worker has reportedly regained his health by practising "iron crotch", in which men use their genitals to lift iron disks weighing hundreds of kilograms.

Yang You-sin has been doing heavy manual labour since he was young. Ten years ago, his limbs started to swell and become sore after work. He was not able to find any medicine that could relieve his pain.

He soon started practising the iron crotch, also known as 99 Power Qigong, after he learnt from its founder that it can improve his health. Yang said his condition improved considerably, the reported.

He uses a cloth to tie several iron disks to his genitals to warm up. When he feels prepared, he steps onto two pedestals and crouches down to tie iron weights weighing 230 kg to his penis. He then stands up slowly, lifting the iron disks off the ground for 30 seconds.

Yang has become famous for his Qigong practice and has even been invited to Indonesia to perform it. Qigong is usually practised to improve breathing and movement.

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