Create unique patterns using mud blocks and organic dyes at a workshop this week

Feb 07, 2017, 12:00 IST | Joanna Lobo

Fabrics printed using the dabu technique
Fabrics printed using the dabu technique

Sometimes, playing with mud can create wonders. This week, you can use mud to imprint beautiful, intricate patterns on cloth.

Dabu or daboo is an old mud resist block printing technique. It is essentially a village handicraft, which is practiced in many parts of Rajasthan.

The three-day workshop will be conducted by father-son duo Rambabu and Dheeraj Chhippa. Both have been awarded the National Award for their work, and are actively involved in reviving traditional prints.

The workshop is being organised by Iteeha, an organisation committed to creating awareness about traditional art forms across India. "This printing technique uses mud and is very unique. In this, whatever part we put the resist paste on to remains white, while the rest is coloured.," informs co-founder Ritika Jhunjhunwala, adding, "This is the first time we are doing a Dabu workshop in Mumbai."

Rambabu Chhippa
Rambabu Chhippa

Participants will learn the basics of this printing style — from making the mud paste, drying it, creating the patterns and finally, dyeing the material. They will also get to test their handiwork on three samples (each about the size of a cushion cover). "We will teach them how to create patterns on a stole, which they can take back with them," adds Jhunjhunwala.

The workshop will accommodate around 25 to 30 people; it is open to all. Participants will be provided with all the equipment and materials. Jhunjhunwala advises carrying food because although there is a lunch break, they won't be serving meals.

On February 10 to 12, 11 am to 4 pm
AT: Title Waves, 24th Road, St Pauls Media Complex, opposite Duruelo Convent School, 24th Road, off Turner Road, Bandra (W).
CALL: 7506122332
COST: Rs 6,600

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