World's heaviest woman Eman Ahmad Abdulati arrives in Mumbai

Pics/Shadab Khan

500 Kg Eman Ahmed arrived in Mumbai in the wee hours of Saturday, ahead of her surgery at Saifee Hospital.

Eman and her sister were flown in on an Egypt Air Airbus freighter aircraft, that landed near gate no.5 of the cargo section of the international airport at around 4.15 AM. Amid heavy security from police personnel, Eman was loaded into a makeshift ambulance which was actually a brown tempo that was open from the top.

All three sides of the open roof were covered with cloth, while inside lay Eman, accompanied by her sister and four doctors from Saifee Hospital. Her flight was for a duration of 5 hours and it took 40 minutes to unload her from the cargo plane, said a Saifee hospital attendant.

To ensure her smooth arrival and that all preparations were top-notch, Dr. S.J Bapai, Saifee Hospital’s Asst. Director (PR & Govt) as well as Egyptian consulate general Ahmed Khalil were there at the spot, and accompanied Eman in their respective vehicles until the hospital.

Heavy strategy, thick security present at hospital Eman finally reached Saifee Hospital at around 6.10 AM. For safety issues, the truck was driving at a considerably slower speed than usual. When she reached the hospital, a huge crowd had gathered around the “ambulance” as everyone wanted to see the world’s heaviest woman.

What was most astounding to look at was the way she was lifted to the special room made of her on the first floor of the hospital, that will be accommodating her for the next six months while she undergoes surgery and rehabilitation under Dr. Lakdawala.

Sturdy ropes were tied to the hooks of the bed of the patient, and she was lifted up to her room this sight also seemed to have caught the attention of a few curious viewers, who were standing tiptoe on the adjacent foot-over-bridge to get a better look. The security present at the hospital was thick and tight, in order to ensure that all protocol was followed.

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