At a time when his contemporaries are doing one film a year, Akshay Kumar has six releases lined up but the actor says he would prefer a few months' gap between his releases.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Akshay has 'Holiday', 'It's Entertainment', 'Gabbar', 'Baby', 'Shaukeen' and 'Singh Is Bling' - lined up for release in next 12 months. His last film 'Boss' released in October last year. The actor says though it would be ideal to have some gap between his films, he leaves the final decision on his producers. "Every producer comes up with a date and has a mindset.

I would prefer a gap of at least five months between my films. But, ultimately it is the producer's decision when to release the film. I can surely manipulate them (producers). "Lot of actors do it by saying 'I will not dub for the film.' An actor can control it but I have never ever manipulated in my career. I have always allowed my producers to take the call," Akshay said in an interview here.

The 46-year-old actor, popular for his 'Khiladi' series, tries to convince the producers to make changes in the release date but says the decision is ultimately left to them. "I told Reliance Entertainment and producer Vipul Shah to release 'Holiday' in January or March but they decided to release it in June. After three months, 'It's Entertainment' will release, produced by Tips Industries Ltd.

I had asked producers to change the release date but they think releasing the film in August is apt," he said. "I cannot argue or dictate terms with them. I try and keep myself aside from having a conflict with producers as they know their job well. Also, they put in crores in a film. They must be doing some study on when to release the film," he added.

Akshay's next film 'Holiday' is slated to release on June 6. He plays the role of an Army officer in it. "The film is about sleeper cells - special terrorists who blend into society so well that no one realises who they are. 'Holiday' is an amazing film on what terrorism is all about and how army tries to capture sleeper cells," he said.

"In the film, some army officers return home on a holiday and realise that the enemy is not only at the border but there are enemies inside their cities and villages," he said. The action-thriller is a remake of a 2012 Tamil film 'Thuppakki', written and directed by A R Murugadoss of 'Ghajini' fame. For Akshay, 'Holiday' is not a remake but a subject that he had selected first. "It was a fresh script and we were going to make it first in Hindi, but director A R Murugadoss had a condition that he first wanted to make the film in Tamil. 'Thuppakki' released in 2012 and got good response," he said.

"Vipul Shah and I had gone for a narration. We sat with A R Murugadoss and after listening to the first half, I agreed to do the film. The first half was mind blowing," he said. Akshay will be seen doing real action sequences in the film. Greg Powell, the stunt coordinator of James Bond series 'Skyfall', has choreographed action sequences in 'Holiday'.

"The film has very real action... You won't see the kind of action I did in 'Boss' or 'Khiladi 786', where I would punch and 20 people would fly in every corner. We haven't taken the help of cables. The kicks and somersault were all real," the actor said. The film features Akshay and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles, along with Govinda in a supporting role. "I must say she (Sonakshi) is professional and does her work properly," he added.