New Delhi: Narendra Modi's key aide Amit Shah today said that the "wrong perception" created by BJP's political opponents will vanish from the mind of "Muslim brothers" if his party comes to power at the Centre and the government will be run stricly as per constitutional norms.

Amit ShahGeneral Secretary of BJP Amit Shah. File Pic

He also accused Congress of "vindictive politics" over its decision to appoint a judge to probe the Snoopgate allegedly involving the Gujarat Chief Minister and him.

Holding that the models propagated by Modi and BJP are one when it comes to running the government, Shah said that the country will be governed strictly as per the constitutional structure if there is a government led by BJP's Prime Ministerial nominee at the Centre.

"The country should be run according to the Constitution. (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee or Modi makes no difference. The country is governed as per the Constitution of the country. Even when Modi will come, the country should run as per the the constitutional structure," Shah told NDTV.

Asserting that there is "no contradiction" between the BJP model and Modi model of governance, he said the Gujarat Chief Minister tried to solve the problems of the state as its head of government while the country has its own complex problems. "It's not that Modi's model is different from that of the BJP," he said and blamed it on the political rivals of Modi and a section of the media for creating a false perception about BJP's PM pick.

"This wrong perception was broken in states where we formed a government. This will also break in the nation when our government comes. This perception will not break with small steps but from the governance we provide....When my party's rule will come, this wrong impression will vanish from the mind of our Muslim brothers. "....Our government will run strictly under the parameters of the Constitution and will treat all citizens equally," Shah said replying to questions.

On the issue of Snoopgate, Shah wondered as to why Congress and UPA did not accept the reports of Shunglu committee on Commonwealth Games scam and the panel on Adarsh housing society scam but decided to go ahead with an inquiry into a matter which is already being probed in Gujarat.

It is alleged that illegal surveillance was carried out on a young woman in Gujarat in 2009 at behest of the Gujarat Chief Minister. Shah was then the state's Home Minister.