X-rayed goats swallow tags, add to cops woes

The officials said that four goats out of the 26 that were tagged and housed at Parel animal hospital ate their tags and made it difficult for them to be identified. These goats were supposed to undergo surgery after an x-ray scan revealed presence of foreign objects in their bodies.

MiD DAY report on April 6

The seized goats from the vessel were x-rayed after the officials suspected the animals of having foreign objects embedded in their bodies. An official from the Yellow Gate police station said, “These four goats ate their tags, and now it has become impossible to identity them. All the goats will be x-rayed once again, so that we can zero in on the ones that we had earlier identified and were supposed to be operated upon.”

Officials will now have to wait for another five days for all the goats to be scanned, following which the four suspicious goats will be identified and operated upon to find out the suspicious objects they had been carrying. 

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