'Ya Rab' makers are glad with the film's progress

Last week, when the film 'Ya Rab' released, the film opened to mixed reactions. Given the fact that the film deals with terrorism and Islamophobia, the film ran into trouble when an Islamic body filed a case against the makers.

From left: Actors Arjumman Mughal and Ajaz Khan with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt
From left: Actors Arjumman Mughal and Ajaz Khan with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt 

However, the filmmakers remain undeterred in the face of what they call ‘politically motivated opposition’; they say that they are ready to face all odds now.

Directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala, the film boldly takes on radical fundamentalism in Islam. It’s primarily an attempt to include the rational side of a religion that’s rarely heard.

Co-producer Meesam Ali Khan says that it’s the relevance of the topic that compelled him to produce the film. “Every time there is a bomb blast somewhere in the world, the average Muslim has to face unnecessary hurdles. It makes sense for a Muslim to point out this injustice in a balanced manner. This is also why a bunch of non-filmi people decided to back this film.”

Mahesh Bhatt, who has wholeheartedly supported Ya Rab, adds, “In the ongoing atmosphere of intolerance, a film like Ya Rab dares to move forward.”
Interestingly, Ya Rab will have an international release as well; it will be dubbed in languages such as English, Arabic, Persian, Spanish and French in the coming months.

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