San Francisco: Yahoo Inc will stop letting users access its various online services by signing in with their Facebook or Google Inc ids. According to the company spokesperson, the change will be rolled gradually and will require users to register for a Yahoo ID to use any of their services.


Android software to deter malware
Washington: A new software, called Practical Root Exploit Containment (PREC), to detect and contain malware that attempts root exploits in Android devices to give hackers unfettered control of a user’s smartphone has been developed. The software, improves on previous techniques by targeting code written in the C programming language

Google launches indoor maps
Bangalore: Internet search giant Google launched Indoor Google Maps in India, enabling users to access detailed floor plans of indoor venues in the country. The firm has, as of now, added details of 75 popular locations in the country across 22 cities. The locations added to these maps include shopping malls and some bizz parks.

Google Maps

Robot that can emulate humans
New Delhi: Talk about robots that can walk, talk, sing, read the news, tell the weather, go internet shopping and even read human feelings! Meet Charles or Charlie, one of the world’s most advanced robot, designed by Rajiv Khosla an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology and professor at Australia’s La Trobe University, which can do all of that.