Yakub Memon's execution: Timeline of events since 1993 Mumbai blasts

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Here is the chronology of the events in over 22-year-old case leading to today's verdict:

* Mar 12, 1993: A series of 13 explosions rock Mumbai resulting in 257 fatalities and injuries to 713 others.

* Apr 19: Actor Sanjay Dutt (accused number 117) arrested.

* Nov 4: Over 10,000 page-long primary charge sheet filed against 189 accused, including Dutt.

* Nov 19: Case handed over to CBI.

* Apr 1, 1994: TADA court shifted from city's sessions and civil court to a separate building inside the premises of the Arthur Road Central Jail.

* Apr 10, 1995: 26 accused discharged by the TADA court. Charges framed against the remaining accused. Supreme Court discharges two more accused - travel agent Abu Asim Azmi (now Samajwadi Party MP) and Amjed Meher Baux.

* Apr 19: Trial commences.

* Apr-June: Charges framed against the accused.

* June 30: Two accused, Mohammed Jameel and Usman Jhankanan, turn approvers in the case.

* Oct 14: Dutt granted bail by Supreme Court.

* Mar 23, 1996: Judge J N Patel transfered and elevated as a high court judge.

* Mar 29: P D Kode designated as a special TADA judge for the case.

* Oct 2000: Examination of 684 prosecution witnesses ends.

* Mar 9-July 18, 2001: Accused record their statements.

* Aug 9: Prosecution begins arguments.

* Oct 18: Prosecution completes arguments.

* Nov 9: Defence starts arguments.

* Aug 22, 2002: Defence closes arguments.

* Feb 20, 2003: Dawood gang member Ejaz Pathan produced in court.

* Mar 20, 2003: Mustafa Dossa's remand proceedings and trial separated.

* Sept 2003: Trial ends. Court reserves judgement.

* June 13, 2006: Gangster Abu Salem's trial separated.

* Aug 10: Judge P D Kode says judgement will be pronounced on September 12.

* Sept 12: Court starts delivering the judgement, pronounces four members of the Memon family guilty, acquitsthree. 12 convicts awarded death penalty while 20 were given life sentence.

* Nov 1, 2011: SC begins hearing on appeals filed by the 100 convicts as well as the state.

* Aug 29, 2012: SC reserves its order on the appeals.

* Mar 21, 2013: SC upholds death sentence of Yakub Memon and commutes death sentence of 10 convicts to life term. Life imprisonment of 16 out of 18 convicts also upheld. 

* Jul 30: First review petition of Yakub in SC dismissed.

* Aug 14: Scheduled date for execution of first death warrant which was stated.

* Apr 11, 2014: President Pranab Mukherjee rejects Yakub's mercy plea.

* May 26: Yakub informed about his mercy plea.

* Jun 2: SC stays Memon's execution on plea seeking review petitions in death cases to be heard in open court instead of chambers.

* Apr 9, 2015: SC dismisses Memon's second petition seeking review of death sentence which was upheld by apex court.

* Jul 21: SC rejects Memon's curative petition, the last legal remedy to avoid execution of death sentence.

* Jul 23: Memon moves SC seeking stay of execution of his death sentence scheduled for July 30.

* Jul 27: The case faces legal issues in SC regarding curative plea of Memon.

* Jul 28: Two judges' SC bench split over Yakub's plea, refers it to CJI for constituting larger bench.

* Jul 29: SC dismisses Yakub's plea against his execution and says issue of death warrant is in order.

* Jul 29, 2015: He files fresh mercy plea to President.

* Jul 29, 2015: Maharashtra Governor rejects mercy plea, President also turns it down.

* July 30, 2015: Memon files fresh petition before Supreme Court seeking stay on execution. SC rejects it in the wee hours.

*July 30, 2015: Memon is hanged.

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