A 74-year-old freelance photographer was arrested in Mulund for luring several minor girls with chocolates, sexually assaulting them and shooting pornographic videos which he then sold abroad

On Saturday the Mulund police arrested 74 year-old Nasri Katira for sexually assaulting minor girls after social activist Ramakant Tiwari and Deepak Singh caught him red handed on Friday.

Nasri Katari (left) in his Mulund apartment after activists Ramakant Tiwari and Deepak Singh caught him abusing two minors on Saturday

On Thursday, Singh approached his friend Tiwari, who works as a territory manager in Tikona, and informed him about Katira;s misbehaviour with minor girls who attended his painting classes.

Tiwari and Singh started to keep a watch on Katira's house in Flaura building near Mulund Commerce College.

At 5.30 pm on Saturday, when Katira entered his apartment with two minor girls, the activist gathered a few residents of the building and barged into Katira's home, where he was found sexually abusing the girls. The activists recorded the incident on camera and called in the police.

According to Tiwari, Katira would attract young girls into his house by offering them chocolates, giving them money and ordering pizza and sandwiches from a nearby restaurant.

A parent of one of the minor girls told Sunday MiDDAY that Katira was extremely well behaved when he met them and they sent their daughter to his house when he offered to teach her how to operate a computer. The freelance photographer with over 40 years of experience abused several girls in a similar fashion.

Singh told Sunday MiDDAY that Katira placed several cameras in his apartment and recorded all that was going on. The activists suspect that Katira sold the footage when he went on foreign abroad. The police found several pornographic CDs in his house, and in fact, one CD involved his wife, who died five years ago.

According to Srirang Bhosle, Assistant Police Inspector of Mulund police station, Katira has been arrested under Section 376 (punishment for rape) and 292 A (Sale, etc., of obscene books, etc.)

The police are taking down statements from the two minor girls and their family members. They are also going through CDs found at Katira's home.