A 12-year-old boy allegedly committed suicide after being scolded by his father for not going to school, police said today.

"Sumit, a student of Class 8, hanged himself yesterday (Wednesday) after his father scolded him over the phone for not going to school," police said.

12-year-old kills self after being scolded by father
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The boy's body was found hanging from the ceiling fan by his elder brother at their home in Ramnagar. Sumit's father Dhanilal, an ex-army man, had gone to Chamoli along with his wife on Monday, leaving their two sons and a daughter at their Raipur residence.

Dhanilal called up his children on Tuesday to find out how they were doing. When he was told Sumit had not gone to school, Dhanilal got angry and scolded the child on the phone.

Hurt over being rebuked by his father, the child hanged himself a few hours later, police said.