A vegetarian diet and smiles are among the secrets to Labkura's, Malaysian oldest citizen's, long life

Labkura, a Malay- Indian, who is aged 104, has been living in Malaysia since her childhood, the Star reports.

Though she is frail, she has no major ailments. However, she suffers from slight hearing problem and arthritis.

"I want to be active and can still walk. Thank God for this. I am vegetarian, I eat only bread and chapati and no rice while tea is my favourite beverage," she said.

"I don't miss my prayers and never talk ill about anyone. I was taught by my parents not to rebel against them or my husband," she added.
She said she did not believe in discriminating anyone on the basis of race and mingled freely with everyone.

"I heard from my grandchildren that Malaysians now prefer to mix with people from their own race only and this is a very sad development," she said.

"We have been receiving a steady stream of visitors to our house to obtain blessings from my grandmother. In the Gujarati community, once you reach 100, you are considered a sanctified person," her grandson, Nishrint Shangani, said.

Labkura's latest visitor, Briton Hirji N. Solanki, had crossed 60 countries to seek her blessings.

"I am glad to obtain the blessing of a matriarch," Solanki, who is currently on a world tour, said.