92-year-old woman denied booze for failing to produce age proof

A shop refused to sell a 92-year-old great-grandmother a bottle of whisky because she was unable to show an ID to prove that she was over 18.
Diane Taylor produced her over 60s bus pass, an OAP card and even her pacemaker certificate, but was still refrained from getting a bottle from her local One Stop Shop in Harlow, Essex, because she could not provide a passport or driving licence.
It was the first time that the pensioner, who was born in 1919, has ever been asked to show ID while buying alcohol.
She said it demonstrated a "ridiculous" and "offensive" lack of common sense.
"I asked the girl behind the counter to repeat herself three times, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, I thought it was a joke," the Daily mail quoted her as saying.
"I can understand shops being strict with all the youngsters buying booze but surely there's a difference between a 92-year-old and someone of 18.
"I ended up storming out in indignation.  It is just ridiculous to ask someone of my age to prove they are an adult, I find it offensive.
"I have never been asked for ID before in my life but then I turned 18 in 1937," she added.

Taylor was on her my home from a doctor's check-up, and wanted to buy a bottle of whisky for her son from the store.

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