'Years on, I am nursing a broken heart...'

Dear Diana,
I was friendly with this girl 10 years ago. She was an office colleague. After I quit my job and relocated to Hyderabad, I have not been in touch with her. We just drifted apart and went our ways. Initially, I called her once or twice, but then we got busy with our lives. There has been no contact ever since. The problem is that I cannot forget her. I have not seen or spoken to her all these years, but I remember her every single day. She was someone I was extremely comfortable with. There was no one like her. I have not even met anyone like her still. I do not even know whether we will ever meet again. I think I am still in love with her. Sometimes I feel I should call her. Then I feel I should just let her be. What do I do to forget her?
— Sahil

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Sahil,
You may have been deeply in love with her, but you can't go back 10 years. You are allowing yourself to live in the past. Instead, try looking ahead. There is no point going back in time. It appears that you two just drifted apart without even bothering to tell each other what lay ahead. You relocated and the relationship came to an abrupt end. If you really cared for her, you would not have behaved in such a manner. Also, what stopped you from calling her all these years — she was just a phone call away. She may have moved on and most probably may have tied the knot. So there is no point in reigniting the romance. Most likely, she was waiting for you to take the initiative and when you did not, just let it be. The signal you gave out was that you were not interested. There is no one to blame, except you. Move on ASAP and let her remain where she is — in the past.

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