Dear Diana,
I had a scene with this girl for about six months. Five years on, I still cannot forget her. We just drifted apart and stopped talking. I really wish we had sat down and discussed things for a sense of closure. I don't know about her, but I have not moved on. I keep thinking of her though we have not been in contact at all. Now I am getting married, but she is still the girl I think about all the while. How do I get her out of my mind?
— Shyam


Dear Shyam,
She is not going to be back in your life. You'll had your reasons to go your ways. Perhaps talking about it would have definitely given a sense of closure, but you just drifted apart. As there is no contact with her, chances are that she may have found someone else, and moved on. Even if she has not found someone else, there is no space for you in her life now. The faster you get this in your head quicker you move on in life. You are still obsessed with her and that is making life difficult for you. Keep yourself occupied and the next time your mind wanders to her remember that it was you who lost her. So why mourn over it now if you plan to get married.

Dear Diana,
I had a physical relationship with a married woman. We were attracted to each other and one thing led to another. It went on for a while, till I realised I was playing with fire. When I told her that we cannot meet like this, she got upset. I am also married. Now she avoids me and tells me that I used her.
— Rayaan

Dear Rayaan,
You sought sexual gratification, but the woman seemed to have genuinely cared for you. She fell for you and was torn between her husband and you. Tell her what was on your mind and that you were only looking at a romp. Waste no time and get away from the scenario if you want to save her marriage as well as yours.