Well-wishers flocking to see former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa yesterday further raised questions regarding violations of jail norms at the Jayadeva Hospital, which is under constant media glare.

After hordes of politicians, including CM D V Sadananda Gowda and his cabinet colleagues, visited Yeddyurappa on Sunday, it was the turn of pontiffs of matts across the state to show up yesterday.

Advocate K Raghavendra is going to file a PIL against
Jail authorities and Jayadeva Hospital

Around twenty seers including the swami of Balehonnur Rambhapuri Matt arrived at the Jayadeva Hospital to wish him well.

Loyalist BJP leaders including V Somanna, M P Renukacharya and MLAs Raju Gowda and Anand Singh were also spotted, while Yeddyurappa's detractors in the party including K S Eswarappa, state BJP president also paid a courtesy call.

To make matters worse, Yeddyurappa, who is in judicial custody in a land scam, posed for the media.

Blissfully unaware?
Interestingly, the question arising is whether anyone is aware that it is a clear violation of rules as per the Karnataka Prison Manual 1978, which prohibits political visitors from seeing an accused in judicial custody?

"Humanity is above law. My duty is to say I am with him at this hour of crisis. My party colleagues and I are concerned, so what is wrong with expressing our concern?" asked Renukacharya.

Their apparent need to show concern for Yeddyurappa's well being is weighing heavy on the legal team fighting for the former CM.

"We are very concerned about this tendency and are worried about the court taking cognizance of this." said a lawyer appearing for Yeddyurappa in the Lokayukta court.

Among many restrictions, the jail manual prohibits visits on Sundays and jail holidays. Sadananda visited Yeddyurappa on Sunday and this has landed the both of them in trouble.

"It is ironic that he broke the law apart from causing inconvenience to the other patients in the hospital. Others followed without taking permission from the jail authorities," said K Raghavendra, a city-based lawyer.
He is now preparing to file a PIL and will move court in a day or two.

Dr C N Manjunath, director of Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, admitted to the violations.

"I know we should not have allowed such a crowd into the hospital, especially since the person admitted is an accused in judicial custody.

We had asked our security personnel and police to restrict their movement. But, you know how the things are. I admit there are some lapses," he said.

Five start treatment
Apart from the jail authorities raising eyebrows for allowing politicians to visit Yeddyurappa, his hospital stay promises to be costly for them.

Yeddyurappa is currently lodged in a deluxe luxury ward and the bed charge is Rs 1,000 per day, which the jail authorities have to bear.

The bed used in the ward is imported and was purchased for Rs 2 lakh. The ward is well-furnished with air-conditioning, a fridge, TV and a cot with additional bed for an attendant.

Regarding Yeddyurappa's five star treatment in hospital, Dr Manjunath said in a lighter vein, "In our hospital every patient gets five star treatment and Yeddyurappa's case is not a special one."

Meanwhile, H T Lakshminarayan, jail superintendent of Bangalore central jail, was not available for comment.