Mumbai: Apparently peeved by a recent Supreme Court ruling restricting the use of pictures of politicians in government advertisements, the Shiv Sena trained guns on the judiciary, terming the latest move as 'unjust' here on Friday.

Referring to the ruling which allows only the pictures of president, prime minister or the chief justice in government advertisements, the Sena asked whether this could amount to insulting the democratically elected state governments, the parliament and the legislatures.

SenaShiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. Pic: Ashish Rane

In a sharp edit in the party mouthpiece Saamana, the Sena pointed out that whenever the Indian courts give any verdict, we say: "Yes, Maharaj! We accept it!" and nod our heads in agreement, taking care to ensure nobody commits a contempt of court.

"But in recent times, do the courts deliver judgements or just bypass the elected governments and are themselves directing the administration? Now, since it is the SC which has given this ruling, all of us have no option but to bow and nod 'Yes, Maharaj!' in agreement," the Sena said.