Now a soon to release desi film '?' sounds uncannily like the 1999 cult Hollywood film 'The Blair Witch Project'

An Indian film based on a group of students who disappeared after going out to shoot for a film project sounds suspiciously similar to the 1999 cult Hollywood flick The Blairwitch Project (TBP). The makers of the desi film?

That is all set to release this Valentine's Day incidentally are not denying that the basic premise of both the films are quite similar. But it most definitely isn't an official remake.

Says producer Shailendra Singh, "I will be honoured if this film is being compared to The Blairwitch Project because that was a fantastic film. However having said that you must know that all supernatural films have a linear plot, but that does not mean it's the same film."

It's definitely not the first time a Hindi film seems too closely 'inspired' by an international film. However, at a time when producers are looking at official remakes, to avoid copyright issues, the makers of ? (Yes, that's the name of the film) rather nonchalantly declares it as an original attempt.

Adds Singh, "I grew up in a village where we have had unnatural experiences. But that's the basic plot in any horror film. Apart from that there is absolutely no similarity between these two films. In fact ? is very Indian in its core and a lot funnier than any horror film you would have seen."

Yet another similarity
Interestingly as per the premise, both films have been shot on a basic handy-cam.