You can see but you can't touch

Nov 08, 2011, 09:36 IST | Manami Mallick

If Paranormal activity 3 has given you a good laugh and  a Stephen King book does nothing to your spines, then this story isn't for you. But if you have even half believed your grandmom's eerie tales as a child, then we have something for you. Close on the heels of Halloween, MiD DAY decided to turn the spotlight on the spooky corners in town. Here's the spine chilling account

If you thought evil spirits were just in your nightmares and Bollywood movies, you're probably ignorant about the city you live in. Amongst the high-rise buildings and the crowded lanes, there are some spots that appear to be habitable but are believed to be haunted by apparitions.

Bungalow on St Mark's Road

It takes years to tally the credibility of the ghost stories revolving around these spots; however MiD DAY went hunting for haunted spots in and around Bangalore with Aishwarya Narolla, founder of the Spirit Seekers Army, who calls himself a ghostbuster.

Aishwarya, along with his team members, has visited several houses believed to be ghost bungalows to inspect the existence of spirits with their special ghost detecting devices, which have sometimes subjected the crew to get victimised as well.

He lets us in on some of the spooky spots in and around town.

Bungalow on St Mark's Road:

This ruined bungalow is located in a lane opposite the State Bank of India where an old lady named Vera Vaaz was murdered in 2002. The house looks spooky and is left abandoned since her death, though her belongings are still kept intact.

When the Spirit Seekers Army landed in the spot with their electromagnetic field meter and camera to investigate, Aishwarya felt a burning pain over his spine. "When I asked my friend to check my back, he found a long scratch and blood smeared on my shirt," states Aishwarya recalling his experience.

Rear view of the bungalow on St Mark's Road

The house has been visited by many curious youngsters and once a group of four boys witnessed an inverted cross and a lady's statue with her head and arms blown off.

House at the junction of RT Nagar and New Airport Road:
The family living in the house has strange experiences of glass vessels falling from high shelves, tables and hearing noises of utensils being thrown in the kitchen. The owner's wife would often wake up in the morning with beating marks on her body and even relatives who sometimes visited the house heard strange noises.
"When we got a call from the owner, we went there with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon(EVP) device which can record voices that cannot be heard by human ears, and it detected the presence of spirits. The device is also capable of catching words uttered by the spirit.

So when we asked her where she is, the meter reading ran, 'I am here,'" reveals Aishwarya. The high-pitched female voice is believed to be that of the owner's sister who committed suicide at a young age.

Chicken Factory in Bagalur:

The Spirit Seekers army had once visited the factory with crew members of a channel to shoot footage to capture the eeriness of the place and find substantial proof to the claims of residents around who are scared of getting inside the mansion.

The crew was all set with the camera and recorder, when one of the recording guys fell unconscious, while another saw a shadowy apparition coming up to the screen and moving away. However the origin of the spooky rumours revolving around the place is not clear.

Resort in New Airport Road:

A resort was being constructed on the New Airport Road a couple of years ago when two girls had jumped to death from the top a high rise building next to the construction site. Since the resort was under construction, not  many visited the spot at that time.

But the workers would often hear high-pitched screams emanating from the top of the building at night. When the ghostbusters hit the spot hearing of the paranormal activities a year ago, they received signs of a spirit's existence.

"We asked the spirit what they will do to us. The EVP recorder captured the spirits voice saying, 'I will kill you,'" says  Aishwarya, who extracted the low frequency sound with the help of audio softwares. The construction of the resort is halted as the workers refuse to come to work, scared by the unexplained sobs and screams at the site.

Hawa Mahal:
If you go looking for the servant's quarter in  Mysore Palace, it could take you to a really eerie mansion called Hawah Mahal. Located in the outskirts of Mysore, many Sandalwood films are shot in its garden.

The Spirit Seekers Army visited the spot on request from a channel along with their crew to shoot the place and capture their experience in the mahal.

"Though there are no residents around the mahal and the mansion is guarded by hills and forests, we heard a woman weeping about five to 10 meters away from where we were standing," says Aishwarya.

The spirits aren't confined to the aformentioned places. They even exist at public places like Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore University and the State High Court. But the ghostbusters team didn't have access to these places as they were not granted permission to conduct the operations.

The devices,  can be procured from the Ghost Adventures Group in USA.

Devices range from R 6,000 to R 95,000 and some are more expensive. A thermal camera, which records the temperature and thermal radiance costs R 5 lakh.

Basic devices like camera and recorders can be bought online. For customised models, one needs to be a part of the group.

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