31 students who did not score any marks in Botany internal assessment say Bangalore University prof skipped classes for the entire semester and is responsible for their failure

The common excuse offered by teachers for students failing in their exams is absenteeism, but the case is just the opposite at the Bangalore University.

Students at the BU may have religiously attended classes this year, but their botany lecturer apparently bunked classes all year round and as a result, 31 final year students were awarded zeroes in their internal assessment.

The students now fear they will face problems at placement interviews, as they have to show the aggregate along with the internal marks and this development will bring down their total score.

According to the MSc (Botany) students, professor Nijangunaiha Methods in Plant Science has been on leave for some time and had not given them any assignments or tests.

"Our professor has been on leave this whole semester and we have not been given any tests or assignments. Even before the exams, we had informed the head of the department and also asked for a replacement, but no action was ever taken," said Anita, (name changed) a final year MSc (Botany) student.

Blame baton?
Distressed students are currently running from pillar to post to ensure that their futures are not jeopardized as a result, and even after speaking to the HOD, their fears have not been allayed.

"We got a rude shock in July when the internal marks were put on the board. Our entire batch was given no marks and we questioned the HOD. She however said that since the professor has given them no marks, she wouldn't be able to help," added Anita.

Botany lecturer had allegedly not attended university for the entire
semester leading to 31 final year students getting no marks in
their internal assessment

Students claim that the missing 20 marks in their internals will affect their total score in the subject and eventually hamper placement later.

"We are final year students and the university has not yet displayed or announced our final marks. At placement interviews, we have to show the aggregate along with the internal marks and this will bring down our total score," said Bindu, another student.

University unfazed
The irony of the situation is that Vice Chancellor of BU, N Prabhu Dev feigned ignorance about the issue though students had sent him a complaint letter and also received an acknowledgement from him.

"I don't know about the issue, but we will look into it," he said.

Not only did the VC attempt to be proactive while dealing with the distressed students, but also allegedly questioned the credibility of their allegations.

"What is the proof that these students are telling the truth?" he questioned.

When this reporter pointed out that his office had sent an acknowledgement after receiving the complaint letter filed by the 31 students (copies of both are with MiD DAY), Dev said that he would immediately look into the matter.

BU Registrar R M Ranganath also claimed to have ordered an inquiry into the matter. However, till the University comes up with a probable solution, the fate of these final year students hangs in the balance.