Mahendra Singh Dhoni continues to perform at a level which is nothing short of inspiring for India’s cricket lovers and aspiring top cricketers. On Thursday night, the Indian captain proved yet again why he must rank at the very top in the list of all-time greats in limited overs cricket. His innings of 63 off just 19 balls (including five sixes in one over) for Chennai Super Kings made newcomers Hyderabad Sunrisers look ordinary in the Champions League T20, but spare Sunrisers some flak. It was just brilliant batting from a very special player.

Apart from the 2011 tours to England and Australia, Dhoni hasn’t given his detractors enough ammunition to fire at him in recent years. Even on those forgettable tours, skipper Dhoni didn’t have the luxury of a super fit bowling attack and a smooth batting machinery. Even the finest captain in world cricket would have struggled.

Not every cricketer should aspire to match his workload because he belongs to a group of players who are made up of rare steel and gifted with unique endurance. What the young guns should develop and duplicate is his desire to do whatever is best for the team he represents.

Dhoni has made it his business to stay committed and it appears that there is no better example of a team man than India’s cricket captain. When he was made captain in all three formats by the Dilip Vengsarkar-headed selection committee, even the wisest of pundits expressed their fears about the multi-tasking factor. Since 2007-08, Dhoni has kept negating those fears.

Sterner tests will knock on his door and Dhoni will deal with them in the best possible way.