Young at heart

'Salutations to Swami Vivekananda, whose birthday we celebrate today as National Youth Day -- a monk who preached nation first before all else.' That tweet, from Kumara Guru, was one of many commemorating a day supposedly set aside for India's youth. Kiran Kumar S tweeted: 'On National Youth Day, let's accept one thing: Even at the age of 150, some are real youth, with or without media hype.' Hemant Mittal had this suggestion: 'The day should be celebrated with Bryan Adams singing 18 Till I Die.' And this, from Rahul Bhagchandani: 'National Youth Day is the one day everybody should have the liberty to wake up post-noon.'

Operation Batla House -- which took place on September 19, 2008, against suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists in Delhi -- crept back into our collective consciousness after Home Minister P Chidambaram insisted the encounter was genuine, adding that there was no scope of reopening the matter. A certain Shishir Gupta tweeted: 'If Batla House was not genuine, no policeman would have been killed and bomb blasts would have continued.' Kamlesh Singh added: 'Chidambaram's repeated denials don't deter Digvijay Singh from questioning Batla House. So much smoke and fog.'
What we need
Here's a representative list of tweets about what people think we all need: 'That one person we can run to when we're in trouble', 'To look out for ourselves because the only person you can truly trust is yourself', 'To stop worrying about what other people think of us', 'Sachin to get his century of centuries so we can move on with our wait and our headlines', 'That someone who can make our heart beat faster and slower at the same time' and 'That mentally-challenged co-worker to make us feel smarter.'

The last word
From journalist Rajdeep Sardesai: 'At least Maya's statues now have a pink 'blanket' around then. What of the millions who don't have one?'

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