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Dec 07, 2011, 07:05 IST | Dhara Vora
A new phone application with popular and well-loved recipes from veteran chef extraordinaire, Tarla Dalal, is bound to tempt you into making that highly-debated entry into the kitchen

If your parents have a problem with you constantly being stuck to your Blackberry this new app will surely make them happy. And the star of this cooking application is someone who made her way to our heartsĀ  by way of hosting cookery shows on television well before the masterchefs and the devilchefs of the world emerged. Enter Tarla Dalal.

What's cooking?
Cooking with Tarla Dalal: A Complete Cookbook is a new application that gives s a mix of Dalal's various recipes including baked dishes, curries, kadhis, regional dishes, ethnic dishes and desserts. And all this on your lifesaver of a phone means no more looking on the net for recipes coming from sources where you doubt the amount of lemon in your tart and no more sitting in front of the television with a notebook in hand.

A screen grab of the application

Once you log in, there are various categories to choose from such as Appetisers, Beverages, Breakfast, Chinese, Desserts, Italian, Kid-Friendly, Main Course and Salads. And the total number of recipes within these categories goes beyond 300. After browsing through the categories, that are quite self-explanatory, you can click on your desired cuisine and browse through the list of mostly vegetarian recipes (we found a few with eggs as an ingredient).

Considering Dalal is known for her version of international cuisines with an Indian and vegetarian touch to it, one can find recipes including Besan Laddoo, Atte Ka Malpua and Victoria Cake together in the Dessert section and the Chinese section includes dishes such as Dragon Rolls, Chilli Paneer and Chinese Bhel. The recipes have a neat, simple and easy-on-the-eye layout with the ingredients in a column on the left and a step-by-step procedure on the right. Some of the recipes didn't show a picture of the final dish though.

No Hell's Kitchen
One can even mark the recipes as favourites, share it on the phone's messenger and chat about it through designated icons on the app. We are pretty sure that with the addition of this app, men (and many women) who abhor cookery shows and cookbooks will muster the courage to cook up Achari Paneer Tikka or Halwa with this convenient application at the push of a key.

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