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Feb 06, 2012, 07:45 IST | Anurupa Dongare

The occult science of Tarot has always been shadowed by the more popular pure astrological sciences. Anjali Jhangiani and Anurupa Dongare did a round-up of two Tarot card readers in the city who have taken the reading up one notch

The value-for-money Tarot reader
Is it an occult science or is it just a play of cards? Anjani Shah, the young Tarot reader believes that it is just an easy-to-learn method that helps people gain self-confidence and become a stronger person. "We delve into finding out about the immediate future which can range between 15 days to two years. Tarot allows you to go deeper into the future but we usually don't prefer to do so," informs Shah, who has been practicing Tarot for seven years at her residence in Deccan. She claims to never have indulged in any form of advertising but still has a decent and satisfied customer base to her credit. "People will only come to me if they get a reference from someone who shares a positive experience involving the Tarot card reading," says Shah. The experiment factor that comes with trying out something new brings in young customers but the older lot only comes when they are sure of getting value for their buck. "No one can alter the future. Mistakes are meant to happen, but when you know that something dangerous is lurking in the future, you will be more careful and the intensity of the unfortunate incident can be altered," explains Shah. At 102, Eden Garden, PYC Colony, Pandit JAkatdar Path, off Bhandarkar Road, Lane of  Panchavati Gaurav Hotel.

Call 9922044220

The lady with a 95% accuracy rate
Swati Kalbhor has been practicing Tarot for the last five years. She firmly believes that awareness and acceptance about Tarot is on a rise in the city, but it's still not as popular as  in Mumbai. Talking about her foray into tarot card reading, Swati says, "I had some knowledge of pure astrological sciences but Tarot has always fascinated me. I was always keen on studying the future through cards," she says But Swati's search for a teacher wasn't very fruitful. "I was waiting for a long time to find someone well versed with the art of Tarot card reading but it was difficult to find someone in Pune. Finally, after placing an advertisement in a newspaper, I managed to meet my guru Madhavi Ghare," she says. The Tarot system, Swati explains, comprises of 78 cards in a deck. These  cards are based on the four elements of nature. There is one suit of 14 cards which make a total of 56 cards adding the 21 major arcana cards that are the most important part of the deck. When we quiz Swati about the accuracy of the predictions, she says "My clients have told me that I have a 92 to 95 percent accuracy rate. I have had only one prediction that has turned out to be 100 percent accurate. It is quite difficult to be totally accurate as it depends on whether all the elements are in order. The intuition of the reader and the client also plays a big role," she concludes. 

At Flat No 2, Suramya Apartments, 1591, Sadashiv Peth, off Tilak Road.
Call 9822037600

Other tarot card readers in the city
>> Rachel Daniel
Call: 9890030390

 Pranita Deshmukh
At: Lane No 8, Koregaon Park.
Call: 9975 863 269
Email: deshmukhpranita1

>> Amandeep Sikka
At: Hadapsar, Pune
Call: 9970963602
Email: amandeep.sikka

>> Mrs Mangala Sovereign Consultants,
At: Anand Rao thorat Path, Sai Anand Park, Lane 2, Karve Nagar.
Call: 09011095542

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